Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Evolution of Hockey Helmets

Hockey helmets are considered to be the most important gear to be worn each time a player enters the field of this particular sport. Even the professional players make it a regular thing to do to change their hockey helmets at least once every 7 years. This is long enough to say that it has gotten enough wearing and tearing. If you are on a tight budget and you plan to get a second hand helmet, then you must make sure that it was tested for durability or else it will defeat its purpose.

Hockey is a sport that can really expose you to a lot of body impact since players often collide with each other as the match is being played. This could result to severe injuries especially to the head. But if you will wear a safety hockey helmet, then you can reduce the risk of incurring brain damage by about 60% according to medical experts and sports scientists. In fact, even those on the road that travel in motorcycles and two wheelers are recommended to wear their own hard and safety helmets.

Hockey helmets are the ones given out to players along with their uniforms before a match is to start. And these are the things that they need to be with them all the time. These hockey helmets are usually made out of high quality plastic that will not easily bend or break just with the average collisions. All hockey helmets should also have some kind of protective mask for the face and should have a very secure leather strap. This is secured tight around the chin.

There are other players who are not fond of wearing helmets since according to them, it somehow restricts their movements and vision. But this is very risky since the game might cause great harm to their head or skull and make them unfit to play the sport the rest of their lives. Hockey helmets have become so popular in the market today that they are even used as miniature memorabilias and collectibles which are made and offered in a lot of stores.

These miniature hockey helmets are not actually affordable but there are lots of sports enthusiasts who are willing to spend money on them. This is like having a piece of the team they are part of and display it proudly in their homes. There are also other manufacturers who create hockey helmets that are used only for fun which children can use for playing the indoor sport in their own homes. Many families enjoy having these helmets and play around their own backyard as a way of spending quality time with each other. While some just merely collect these helmets to make a great show off and express their sporty personalities.

But the most important purpose of the hockey helmets is to really prevent you from getting a severe head injury. If you really want to play the sport for a long time while being healthy and injury free, then you must make it a habit to wear hockey helmets.